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  • Ego Dronemusic - Worst TV show ever, episode I

    This is the complete video footage presented while live in Genova, the 13th of february, 2015. It will be a part of a series of shows; as we'll tour across the world, we'll record further videos, and we'll distribute them to the internet. All audio tracks belong to Ego Dronemusic, while, instea...

    Tags: Electronic, experimental, egodrone, idm

  • EgO Dronemusic - Media Empire

    Full streaming of EgO Dronemusic's last piece, "Media Empire". Based upon improvisations, "Media Empire" is a 31-minutes straight track, divided in various "suites". Please play it LOUD in your headphones. MAXIMUM VOLUME YIELDS MAXIMUM RESULTS. You may download the full album for free at: -...

    Tags: Electronic, experimental, egodrone, idm

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