Landescape 4° edizione

Landescape 4° edizione

Owner: Leonardo Ruvolo

Network members: 3


Landescape is an artistic research project that explores human and non-human interactions. In particular, it monitors the effects that multimedia practices and languages produce on humans once they are surrounded by non-human existences and vice versa. During the first three years, inside the Botanical Garden of Palermo, it investigated the possibilities that contemporary music acts, audiovisual performances, interactive installations disclose when are staged out of conventional places of contemporary art fruition.


Now, after the first three years of experimentation, it’s time for “Mingling for Chimera”. We know that some of you have been involved in another long chain like this by us some months ago. The project changed because we changed, but also because conditions changed, please don't take it bad. 


The project takes form of a residency running for the entire month of October and the first days of November - you can stay how long do you want, but we would prefer at least a period of a week. A moment of life in common, during which we will host friends working in the field of art and activism (travel and accommodation granted; food we have something we can offer because of our network of food producer as floor, vegetables, oranges, olive oil… for the rest we can buy staff together).


It’s really important for us to do this in Alcamo. After a big competition to stay inside Manifesta 12 program in Palermo, we are now glad to do not be part of it, since it becomes a window for galleries with money and another way to exploit creative work. Alcamo is our home town where Giuseppe and Leonardo met in 2014. We started to collaborate and play music together. We developed this project, Landescape, to still have a reason to not leave Sicily.   


In this moment there are two main working proposal, those made by Leonardo and Giuseppe, but we are open to receive any kind of proposal.


Giuseppe is an experimental musician that lives and works between Alcamo, Palermo and Copenhagen. His practice is based on music research, radical improvisation and sound alteration with instrument extension techniques. He would like to set up a temporary recording studio. He express the desire to collaborate with Youngboyswritinggroup. He also would like to organize a audiovisual performance at the free thermal bath of segesta. check this out --->


Leonardo would like to produce a short movie through the documentation of the residency. He has in mind some specific scene he would like to film, but is completely open to reality. A formal dinner that become a party in the house in which we will live, inviting alcamese bourgeois people family friends, with a caution of crazy works of art, where locals will meet the artists. A long walk from the house to the free thermal bath of segesta, some days of staying there in order to prepare a ritual for a friend of him during which he will tattoo him.


The rights to the material that we will produce are not intended to be owned by a single person, but by everyone interested in using these rights.  


We are inviting different people and within three weeks we want to confirm the participants. Some of them already confirmed.


Youngboyswritinggroup (Alessandro Veneruso, Habibi Ndiaye, Giovanni Bozzoli, Leonardo Ruvolo) will be there from the second part of October working on their new show that will be presented in November in Macao on the 17th. For this reason, another possibility to give more visibility to the project is to link it somehow what we will produce during the residency with the possibility to show it in Macao.  


The budget we have in mind between 1000/2000 € (to cover mainly mobility) should come in part from a party we would like to organize during the residency in the house where we will stay. Giuseppe and Leonardo are working to finance the project, G. is a breadmaker and L. is a lawyer.


This is the house where we will stay.,  not to mention that in Sicily life is pretty cheap, good food, nice people, the sea, wild nature and stuff like that. The house is situated in the countryside between Alcamo (5km from the city center) and Castellamare del Golfo (5 km). We will have a car for moving and some bikes.


Maybe is interesting for you to know who else is receiving this invitation:

Youngboyswritinggroup (Giovanni Bozzoli, Habibi Ndiaye, Leonardo Ruvolo, Alessandro Veneruso), Giuseppe Calamia aka Shadow Pugilist, Jo Vàvra aka Jojo form Jojo’s Seaside, Vitaly Vitaly on Facebook, Bellagio Bellagio (Natalia Trejbalova e Matteo Nobile), Freya Edmondes aka Elvin Brandhi, Visio aka Nicola Tirabasso, Andrea Giomi, Piege Bureau on Facebook, Jonahatan Gobbi and Marco Furlani, Piero Ramella e Lucia Palladino, Ondina Quadri e Alexia Badaluca, Claudia Gangemi, Tomo or Federico Lupo, Domenico Palmeri, Adriano La Licata , Valeria Mazzucchi.


We know already that some of you would not be able to participate for dates overlapping but it’s fair to know for all of you that we thought about you.  


For all these reasons, artistic direction tends to privilege projects and artists who want to interact with the environment and with the locals taking into account the fragility of ecosystems. We do not like artists that act as diva, we stay together we struggle together. The interventions we promote are not invasive, in terms of pollution, and economically sustainable.

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